way of the luminous heart

way of the luminous heart

Become a Certified
Way of the Luminous Heart Practitioner

Take your therapy practice to the next level by integrating somatic healing & energy medicine.

Learn how to guide clients to awaken their inner healer & repattern their nervous system.

Discover trauma-informed nervous system healing and energy medicine that is rooted in heart & somatic intelligence.

Add depth to your work by integrating nervous system healing practices focused on opening the deep heart.

April 2025

7-Month 200 Hour Online Training

Learn how to:

+ Support clients to heal the root causes of their issues in the body

+ Unravel stuck energy in their body through gentle somatic healing practices

+ Awaken the innate healing capacity of the body

+ Hold space and track through the intelligence of your heart field and body

+ Interweave ancient heart practices with neuroscience

+ Support clients in trauma informed ways to help them to feel safe in their body

Welcome to The Way of the Luminous Heart

Each of us carries an eternal, ancient wisdom within our luminous heart and body.

This 7-month Practitioner training will support you awaken your own inner healer, as well as learn how to awaken your client’s innate healing capacity.

With over eighty per cent of information going from the body up to our mind, understanding somatic healing practices is essential as a space holder.

Through somatic exploration, you will learn how to support your clients to heal the root causes of issues arising and unravel stuck energy in the body.

Being a trauma informed space holder is essential in these times on earth so that you can create a safe container for your clients.


Luminous Heart is an embodied, trauma-informed training for therapists who are heart-led.

It is a remembrance of the ancient wisdom that we carry within our bones.

You’ll learn ancient wisdom practices rooted in the heart, body, earth & energetic field to bring you home to rest in your luminous heart.

Through heart alchemy we unlock a portal to our ancient wisdom & receive mystical messages from our ensouled world through our open heart.

Luminous Heart is the remembrance that our hearts are interwoven with the primordial heart of the earth within an ecosystem of all hearts.

It is the knowing that as we tend to the biome of our hearts we are tending to the one whole heart of humanity.

The Roots of Luminous Heart

Francesca Redden Heart Wisdom Gold (1)


Francesca Redden Energy Wisdom Gold

energy medicine

Francesca Redden Earth Wisdom Gold (1)

earth medicine

Francesca Redden Soul Wisdom Gold (3)


What's Included

Online Heart Community

We will gather in an online community of heart where we will witness, support & celebrate each other within a sacred container. Here we will weave our magic together in a powerful group field for alchemy & transformation.

Q&A + Mentoring Calls

We will gather for a two hour call each month where I will answer any questions you have around the practices to support your deepening & cellular embodiment of these.

(7 x 2 hour Q&A calls)

online Portal


 You will have access to PDF Guidebooks each module, audios and videos on an online course portal to deepen your embodied learning experience

Contact me if you have any questions. I’m here to answer any questions you have.

You'll awaken your:

Inner Healer

Reclaim the innate wisdom of your inner healer & alchemist to return to the blueprint of your wholeness.

Earthed Magic

Awaken your earthed magic where your intuitive gifts are rooted deeply in the earth & embodied in every cell.

Somatic Self

Reclaim your Somatic Self and body wisdom as well as learning how to support your clients to reclaim theirs.

Luminous Heart

Return home to your heart essence & embody your full luminosity & brilliance.

Ancient Wisdom

Unearth the innate wisdom of your body, heart, the Earth & the field as you learn to track with all your intuitive senses.

Sacred Stewardship

Live deeply rooted in the Earth & your sacred stewardship.

“Francesca is an integral part of a new paradigm of healing and living we are coming into - returning to sacred humanity, helping us all find our innate wisdom through the stories of our bodies and the sacred source of deep connection and heart transformation.”
“If you consider working with Francesca, expect her expertise and her heart of gold to safely guide you to a place where you and your potential become one again. I don’t know where I would be today without her support.”
“Francesa’s unique presence can truly help you be more of yourself, connect to your truth and live more authentically. She inspires womxn to walk each other home, to the beauty that we all are.”
"Francesca's compassion and intuition opens sacred spaces for alchemy. All the way through I felt guided, held, seen for who I truly am and loved for every step of the path."
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meet your heart guide

Hi! I'm Francesca

I’m a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Shadow Alchemist & weaver of heart, body, earth & energy medicine. I’m devoted to supporting people to reclaim the ancient wisdom we carry deep within their hearts and bodies and to embody this in their cells and bones.

I have been guiding people through the wildest terrain of their hearts for over 14 years and bring nearly 30 years’ experience of my own shadowland integration.

I am devoted to supporting you to integrate somatic healing and energy medicine into your therapy practice.

inside the course

module one

Nervous System Alchemy

cultivate the foundations of Energy medicine

rooting into the support of your luminous allies, the earth & the field

Mapping the Elemental Self

Mapping the Soma Through the Frequencies of Alchemy

Discovering Your Intuitive Energy Blueprint

module two

Somatic Alchemy

The Science of trauma

The Science of Safety: Polyvagal Theory

Trauma Informed Space Holding: Creating Safety

Somatic Mapping through Felt Sense Attunement: Listening to the Story of the Body

Heart Entrainment Process

module three

Energetic Alchemy

Mapping the Receiving Heart

Cultivating the Sacred Witness

Somatic Shadow Work

module four

Heart Alchemy

heart alchemy

Retrieving Lost Fragments of the heart

Somatic Inner Child Healing

module five

Shadow Alchemy

Awakening your Mystical Sight, Sense & Knowing

The Beauty way

Seeing through the eyes of the heart


module Six

Rebirth Alchemy

heart Ecology

Rupture & Repair

Awakening Your Inner Healer

Tracking the Soma through your Heart Field


module Seven

Ancestral Alchemy

Sacred Integration

Embodying Pleasure & Joy

How to integrate trauma-informed coaching

Session Mapping


Heart Package

receive a heart package posted to your door.

Each heart gift will include:
* 7 Luminous Heart Lightcode cards custom made to activate your heart
(please note: depending on which country you live, there may be import tax surcharges charged by your local postal service.)

What you'll receive at the end of this sacred immersion

  • Resources including Guidebooks and audios.
  • The opportunity to apply for certification as a Way of the Luminous Heart Practitioner through submitting 6 x pro bono client sessions, including one recorded client practice session.
  • Client handouts.
  • The skills to guide others in somatic exploration and heart and energy medicine coaching.

The way of the luminous heart

Sacred Investment

Seven Installments

Note: A $500 AUD non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place in the program. Please see FAQs section at the bottom of this page for the Refund Policy).

Frequently asked questions

The Way of the Luminous Heart is a calling from the heart. You will feel a stirring from deep within. I am here to support you to tune into what is most aligned for your heart. Reach out to contact me if you would like to be supported as you explore possibilities.

Yes applicants for the Way of the Luminous Heart Practitioner Training must must hold a qualification in coaching or another practitioner modality, such as energy medicine, counselling etc. Applicants must also have a minimum of 12 months experience of practicing with clients in their role. This training is for those practitioners who are seeking to deepen their space holding and already have an existing client base and foundations in coaching or space holding.

Yes 7 x 1:1 intimate 60 minute mentorship sessions are included in this 7 month journey of heart. You will be guided to schedule your times through my online Satori calendar once you sign up.

Yes the online calls will take place on Zoom and the link will be available on the membership website hub for you to access.

The Teaching calls & Q&A calls will be recorded so you will be able to watch the recording if you miss those calls. The live Practitionership calls will not be recorded as we will be practicing in breakout rooms in pairs. You are required to attend all calls live as part of the certification requirements. In the event of unexpected illness I ask that you arrange a practice session with a fellow student before our next live class and email me with a summary of your practice session.

Each month a new module will open with a PDF Guidebook and guided heart audios to deepen your embodiment of heart and energy medicine. The time commitment of this course outside the live calls is around 2 hours a week of exploring those materials. You are also required to have weeklu partner practice sessions outside live calls to deepen your embodied learning experience. You are invited to follow your own inner guidance around the time you lean into connecting with our heart community in our intimate online forum. 

Those who are seeking to become a certified practitioner in The Way of the Luminous Heart™ will be required to submit 6 x 60 minute pro bono Client Sessions with clients outside of our group. This includes submitting a practice video session with one of these client sessions at the completion of the 7 months which demonstrates some of the heart and energy medicine practices we have embodied.

A $500 AUD deposit to secure your place in the course is non-refundable. The remaining funds paid will be refunded for cancellations is 30 days ore more before course starts. For cancellations within 30 days of course start date no refund applies.

Is your heart calling you to co-create magic together?

My heart is so open & ready to answer any questions you may have. Please contact me so I can support you as you listen to your heart.