way of the luminous heart

way of the luminous heart



These Luminous Hearts are certified Way of the Luminous Heart Guides who each have their own unique magic and embodied heart presence to guide you home to your heart.


Located in Malta, EU

Born and raised in China, Joya brings the rich, ancient wisdom from her culture and life experiences. She empowers parents in awakening their souls to create a more intimate connection with their children. She also supports clients to understand what is beneath their behaviors to discover their true self with a compassionate inquiry approach. Joya is a devoted mediator and teaches meditation 1:1 and in groups. As a Way of the Luminous Heart Coach, Joya can support you to go deeper into your body and heart on your healing journey.


Located in Slovenia, EU

Nadja is deeply passionate about Conscious Parenting and raising children with awareness, connection and depths of support to be seen and understood. Nadja weaves ancient wisdom to empower self-awareness to open to the realities of our inner nature so we can guide our children on their journey and deepen the child-parent connection. Her desire is following our heart as parents and supporting our children to follow their heart songs. Nadja sees parenting as a sacred journey where we need connection, support, self-care, belonging, community, care and so much more. She believes that through heart connection, embodied somatic practices and sacred heart spaces we can tune into presence, attunement and heart resonance.



Located in Berkshire, UK

As a Heart-Centered Life Mentor, Emilie supports beautiful souls to find their unique path through mind, body and spirit explorations. She holds, grounded, embodied spaces in groups and 1:1 where she guides and supports people to connect with their inner wisdom and healing. Emilie builds deep connections with the amazing hearts she walks beside and is honoured to support a beautiful community of souls where they cultivate love, acceptance, celebration, authenticity, peace and hope . She deeply believes that change is possible and provides support for people to live their most unique, authentic, embodied and heart-centered life. 


Located in Hobart, AUS

Jess holds a sacred, safe space with an open heart to guide you home to your body, your true soul essence and highest aligned embodied version. She combines trauma informed heart and nervous system alchemy as a Way of the Luminous Heart Guide with her transformational Divine Soul Blueprint Method which taps into your true divine essence. This method reawakens and reactivates your multidimensional sovereignty, soul mission legacy and connection to New Earth through the frequency of oneness, heart consciousness, quantum technologies and DNA activations.